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Cottage Ale

Locally brewed exclusively for the Cottage by Custom Brewcrafters in Honeoye Falls, NY. For the lover of truly tasty English Ales come to the Cottage Hotel. A traditional English ESB or 'Extra Special Bitter' for this iconic Mendon establishment. Although it is called a 'bitter', that is not what you get. What you get is a wonderful beer with some bitterness that is balanced perfectly by the English crystal malts used to brew it. The aroma is earthy and malty with a floral, almost grassy character contributed by the hops added late in the boil. The flavor is bold and clean with a crisp, dry finish and an aftertaste of lightly toasted malts. These malts also give the beer its striking amber hue and creamy head. A perfect ale to be paired with hearty Cottage fare. Brewed with Pale, CaraAmber, Dark Crystal and Dark CaraMunich malts. Hopped with Target and Fuggle hops.